The incomparable attributes of Colombian coffee are the result of great geographical diversity and climatic factors and the careful work of coffee farm families.

We are proud to work with the best quality seals and certifications like: FNC (Colombian Federation of Coffee Producers), Organic Oko-Guarantee GmbH, USDA Organic, Denomination of Origin, Protected Geographical Indication.

What makes us unique is that we don’t talk about quality, we certify and fulfill it!


Supreme (Size 17, 18)

Composed of large beans with sizes above No. 17 (a tolerance level of 5% below this size restricted by a minimum size No. 14, meticulous and properly selected.

Extra or Special (Size 16)

Composed of medium and large beans in flat and spiral shapes, restricted above size No. 16, with a tolerance of 5% below this size restricted by minimum size No. 14. Meticulous and properly selected.

Europa (Size 15)

Composed of large, medium and small beans in flat and spiral shapes, restricted above size No. 15, with a tolerance of 2.5% below this size restricted by size No. 12. Meticulous and properly selected.

UGQ (Size 14)

Composed of large, medium and small beans in flat and spiral shapes, restricted above size No. 14, with a 1,5% tolerance of beans under this size, restricted by size Nr. 12. Meticulous and properly selected.

Spiral (Snail shape) bean

Composed of large, medium and small beans in round specific shapes, restricted by size No. 12, with a tolerance of up to 10% of duly selected plane beans.

Specialty Coffees

Sustainable coffees

These certified coffees are recognized by the FNC (Colombian Coffee Federation) as specialty coffees for their relationship respecting the natural environment and biodiversity. Production processes seek to maintain the balance between human presence and natural resources through friendly farming practices.

The organic coffees we offer grow without the use of chemicals (fertilizers and pesticides). They come with eco certificates issued by specialized international organizations (Organico Oko-Garantie GmbH/ USDA Organic) responsible for inspecting cultivation practices, the process of harvesting, storage and transport.

Single-origin coffees

PThese coffees grow in select altitudes and climates and are nursed for years before the first harvest comes from a region or farm. These coffees have unique flavor and aroma characteristics and are not being mixed with coffees from other origins. These coffees score outstanding on SCAA quality classification cupping protocols.

Regional: Those who come from a specific region, known for its unique qualities. Not mixed with products from other sources. These cafes meet outstanding high quality standards.

Exotic: Cafes with unique characteristics, grown in microclimate, agro-ecological and socio-cultural conditions defined geographically.

Single Estate coffees: They are from a single farm that has yields higher than 500 bags (60 kilos) per year that meet the most rigorous quality standards.

Custom preparations

We can deliver a coffee meeting the specific preferences of a particular client for the development of own brands. These coffees are collected and assembled to provide a consistent product.

Our brands

We offer Colombian coffee, Arabica washed of the best quality, green or roasted, Excelso or Specialty like organics. We work with certified farms of small and medium farmers located in high mountain areas to ensure softness and acidity in coffee. We market coffee through our brand Montié but also offer the possibility of custom mixtures and preparation for the development of your own brands. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.