We offer exactly the coffee you need

Onestta is an established producer, processor in origin and international exporter of the highest quality certified Colombian washed Arabica coffees (Excelso and Specialty). Onestta counts on a dynamic, lean and agile company structure. The multidisciplinary team behind it has over 15 years of experience in the coffee industry and international agricultural commodity trade.

Onestta Group works with no intermediary parties and formed a unique direct alliance between certified coffee producers and processors.

Capable of offering you the highest quality products for the best prices. We are highly dedicated towards our clients aiming for long, steady and reliable commercial relationships in which we strive to exceed expectations.


To exceed the expectations of coffee-lovers and buyers around the world looking for the best flavors and aromas that nature can offer. Ensuring respect for the environment, fair recognition for the work of farmers, intellectual support and compliance with our corporate values.


Being an innovative company that grows and becomes a point of reference in the global coffee market in providing certified Colombian coffees, developing and offering the best products in the market.

Corporate Values

Our values are honesty , transparency , equity and respect for people , through which we seek excellence , understood as the love for the job well done and beauty.